Friday, March 30, 2012

For a University... these people are really stupid

So... Italy... the place of pasta and curvy women may have a problem with plus size models.

Well not Italy itself, but the University of Bologna, who claimed in 2011 that their research showed that size 14 and up models could promote obesity.


Curvier models would lower the incentive to lose weight, making eating habits and health deteriorate, according to Dr Davide Dragone and Dr Luca Savorelli, from the University of Bologna in Italy. They said: ‘To promote chubby fashion models when obesity is one of the major problems of industrialised countries seems to be a paradox.’ Increasing the size of catwalk models will alter the ideal weights of a wide part of the female population, according to their research, due to be presented at the Royal Economic Society’s annual conference this week.


I can tell you that seeing skeleton models limping down the runway make me want to eat meals FOR THEM... hoping they'll get some nutrients through the vibrations I sending them while digesting a cheeseburger. This does not happen with women my size of bigger. With them I think about shopping and buying the outfit they are wearing because... guess what...??!! It might just look good on me too!

Seriously... what the hell are people thinking??

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wait a minute... I thought I belonged in the kitchen

Objects appear smaller than they really are

Wow! Look at the tiny legs and even smaller waistline. Come on! The edited version doesn't even look real!!! Did people actually fall for this and buy this stupid issue???

Kate looks amazing just how she is... and even she was pissed over the major photoshop edits from this magazine cover. Look how long those legs are! She looks more than 6 feet tall! And that's without the heels!

Jessica is a cutie pie - whether she weighs a normal amount or not. 

The waist is ridiculous.

She's a beautiful woman who works hard for what she's got... and baby, you've got it going on!! 

The edited photo doesn't even look real.

 She didn't need photoshop! She's beautiful and fit!!

Madonna is fit. REALLY fit. And she seems proud of it. Why edit out her muscles? Come on! What's wrong with showing what a real mid-life health nut can look like?!

More of "You're not good enough!"

Monday, March 26, 2012

Speaking of Pamela Anderson

 This woman has been beautiful from the get go. Even with a dark shag she lit up her own photograph! So who in the hell told her to inflate her boobies to the size of organic, seedless watermelon and get all that cosmetic surgery? Didn't someone... anyone... try and tell this lovely young woman that she didn't need it?? The fact that she did so much work to this beautiful face is such a shame.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Israeli Law: Underweight Models Illegal, Photoshoped Pictures Regulated Read more at http://www.inquisitIsreal law - underweight models illegal - photoshoped pictures regulated

Jerusalem, Israel- In a daring attempt to limit the damage caused by eating disorders, the Israeli parliament today passed a law making it illegal to show overly skinny models in advertising.  In addition to that the law now says that photos that have been altered or Photoshopped must carry that information on the picture.
The law is the first attempt by a government to legislatively take on eating disorders and the fashion world that seems to encourage them.  The Israeli government is hoping the law will serve as an example to other countries so they can follow suit.

The law’s supporters said they hoped it would encourage the use of healthy models in local advertising and heighten awareness of digital tricks that transform already thin women into rail thin sticks.
“We want to break the illusion that the model we see is real,” said Liad Gil-Har, a professor who helped draft the law

The new law requires that any photo that is going to be used in the Israeli market be accompanied by a medical report not more than three months old from a licensed and recognized health professional that the model is not undernourished.

The standard being set by the law is to have a Body Mass Idenx higher than 18.5. According to that standard, a woman 5-feet, 8-inches tall should weigh no less than 119 pounds. Any advertisement published for the Israeli market must also have a clearly written notice disclosing if the model shown in it was digitally altered to make her, or him, look thinner.

the law was first proposed and supported by Adi Barkan, the largest fashion agent in Israel.  He said that he has become sickened by the women and how they are getting skinnier and sicker every year.
Barkan said,
“They look like dead girls,”
Critics are saying that a lot of models are naturally thin and the law should have focused on the health of the woman and not her weight.
Legislator Adato said only 5 percent of women had BMI that naturally fell under 18.5. He is quoted as saying to critics,
“On the one hand, maybe we’ll hurt a few models. On the other hand, we’ll save a lot of children.
There have been other attempts to focus on the weight of the models throughout the world.
The Madrid fashion show bans women whose BMI is below 18. Milan’s fashion week bans models with a BMI below 18.5.

Since there are fewer than 300 models in Israel it is unlikely the law will have a major impact but it is a step in the right direction.

Do you think the fashion industry should be policed to avoid showing images of unnaturally skinny women?

Friday, March 16, 2012

When photoshop goes bad

 Her leg has been cut, moved and laid on a rock.This freaks me out a little

 No body. Nope. She's just shoulders, arms and a head.

 Let's see how long we can make her look!

 3 feet???

 Her fingers are all weird.

Where is her arm???

Wednesday, March 14, 2012