Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Objects appear smaller than they really are

Wow! Look at the tiny legs and even smaller waistline. Come on! The edited version doesn't even look real!!! Did people actually fall for this and buy this stupid issue???

Kate looks amazing just how she is... and even she was pissed over the major photoshop edits from this magazine cover. Look how long those legs are! She looks more than 6 feet tall! And that's without the heels!

Jessica is a cutie pie - whether she weighs a normal amount or not. 

The waist is ridiculous.

She's a beautiful woman who works hard for what she's got... and baby, you've got it going on!! 

The edited photo doesn't even look real.

 She didn't need photoshop! She's beautiful and fit!!

Madonna is fit. REALLY fit. And she seems proud of it. Why edit out her muscles? Come on! What's wrong with showing what a real mid-life health nut can look like?!

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