Thursday, September 5, 2013

Change is good!

We are currently changing up the blog and adding more info, retooling the design and hopefully making it more beauty-full! lol. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

And then there's Valerie Bertinelli

I adore her. Seriously. I loved her back in the 70's and I may love her even more now. She's 10 years older than me (gulp!) but looks 100% better than me! How does she do that?

I'm sure part of it is that she's healthy, in shape and has totally recreated her life - with a hit TV show and what seems to be a whole new, happy life.

She would make an awesome BFF. I'm sure of it.

And her story inspires me. I love reading about her transformation, her get-healthy success story, and how she did all of it. I am thrilled for her whenever I watch Hot in Cleveland and I wish for her the utmost best.

So, she is one of the success stories that would motivate me to buy a magazine with her on the cover.

I guess what all of us can learn from this is that when it's trash, don't pick it up. Leave it.

But if it has Valerie Bertinelli on it... then buy it. She's precious.

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These bitter, tasteless cruel tabloids makes the celebrity life incredibly unappetizing (part 4)

Of course, then there's some celebrities who, I suspect, use their weight issues as a means to continue their (mostly reality TV-based) notoriety. Not to name names... so I'll just post a few pics of the ladies who seem to appear in these magazines far more than anyone else.

These bitter, tasteless cruel tabloids makes the celebrity life incredibly unappetizing (part 3)

So can these magazines ever be helpful? Inspirational? Or informative?

I think so. If there really is a celebrity who gets healthy and keeps it off and transforms their bodies and lives... then YES! I think the stories can be inspirational. But the problem is, celebrities are people just like the rest of us (they just happen to have better paying jobs with way more perks.) But we don't know what their stress feels like. They may have the same problems as the rest of us. They may hate exercising or eating healthy or have no idea what to eat in the first place.

They have weight issues like the rest of us. Luckily, we may just have neighbors, friends, and our mom's telling us how fat we are. Just imagine how it would feel if every time you fell off the salad wagon, your local newspaper published a story of you eating a chili dog or buying a bigger pants size at the local Walmart.

That would suck.

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Imagine if you losing weight - and maybe gaining it again - was an issue for your local TV or radio station, or a Facebook page was dedicated to it. That's how it must feel for the ladies here.

These bitter, tasteless cruel tabloids makes the celebrity life incredibly unappetizing (part 2)

Then the magazines exploit the celebrity Baby Business. Above they literally pit two celebrities due about the same time together and they battle it out - with their weight. This is literal. The first magazine actually says "Baby Weight Battles" and the second compares one to a waif and the other to a whale. This is so cruel. I had toxemia with one of my pregnancies and gained 82 pounds! I started off at 128 pounds and ended up over 200. I couldn't stop it. I was eating healthy and doing everything I could, but my body swelled. I just have that type of a body.
My mother never gained more than 23 pounds, she said, and never actually looked full term. She didn't wear maternity clothes, nor have weight to lose after any of her births, and I don't think she even had a stretch mark. I did not inherit any of that - the reason being: I am not my mom. We are two different people and our bodies handled a pregnancy in two different ways. Comparing us is... well, stupid. As was comparing Kate and Kim. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. It's just to sell magazines... nothing more.

Then comes all the magazines that make all of us mothers feel fat and inadequate (except for my mother, whom I explained previously that she was one of these people who did, in fact, walk out of the hospital in their pre-pregnancy jeans and tiny little tank tops. Yep. My mom did it 3 different times. I did not.)

These magazines are horrible for women! We all wonder what the secret is. What are they doing to lose the baby weight faster than most new mothers (in the entire world, mind you). We wonder: are they having tummy tucks and lipo while on the delivery table? Do they have chefs and personal trainers live with them so each moment of every day is spent getting back in shape? Do they have nanny's so they can spend hours working out, rather than breastfeeding and changing diapers? Maybe they worked out during the entire pregnancy... or maybe they were on a strict diet for those 9 months. (This is definitely something I did NOT do! I liked twinkies and Chinese food way too much.) Or maybe most celebrities have the same post-baby-skinny-gene that my mother was born with.


Or maybe there's just a lot of photo editing going on... like in this photo.

Yep. (As I slip a Tootsie Roll into my mouth.) It's definitely the editing.


These bitter, tasteless cruel tabloids makes the celebrity life incredibly unappetizing (part 1)

Cover stories about the weight of a celebrity are a perpetual staple of every newsstand. How sad. I have a personal policy regarding reading anything negative in relation to another person's personal struggles with weight, especially when it's written in a nasty, cruel manner.The meanest of them all are the Best/Worst Bikini Bodies that come out every summer. They - literally - make me shudder. To have your absolute worst photo of yourself on the cover of a magazine - and of course, it's not airbrushed or Photoshopped, so it's going to look even worse than ever - must be gut-wrenchingly hard to deal with. <And I always wonder, do they photoshop the "best" photos to make them look ever better than they do in real life? Hmmm. It would sell more magazines if they did, right?!>

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Then we go into the individual cuts. Lot's of folks saying "I'm not fat!!" and defending their right to be human (tho I often assume the celebrity did NOT say anything in any of those articles and it's all fictionalized to continue the drama for the magazine.) They pick on certain celebrities who tend to gain weight easily. Considering the fact that I, also, tend to gain weight easily... so I can empathize with them.

And don't forget about all their STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP magazine covers.

I look pretty damn terrible without makeup. I'm sure the editors of these trash tabloids do too. But to splash it on the covers says that these celebrities have to be ON at all times. Going to the grocery store, at their kids soccer games, getting makeup early in the morning, at the gym, taking out the trash, sitting on a long flight or even going to a doctor's appointment. Yep. They need to look perfect.

I know they make the big bucks but come on! That must be exhausting.