Sunday, September 1, 2013

And then there's Valerie Bertinelli

I adore her. Seriously. I loved her back in the 70's and I may love her even more now. She's 10 years older than me (gulp!) but looks 100% better than me! How does she do that?

I'm sure part of it is that she's healthy, in shape and has totally recreated her life - with a hit TV show and what seems to be a whole new, happy life.

She would make an awesome BFF. I'm sure of it.

And her story inspires me. I love reading about her transformation, her get-healthy success story, and how she did all of it. I am thrilled for her whenever I watch Hot in Cleveland and I wish for her the utmost best.

So, she is one of the success stories that would motivate me to buy a magazine with her on the cover.

I guess what all of us can learn from this is that when it's trash, don't pick it up. Leave it.

But if it has Valerie Bertinelli on it... then buy it. She's precious.

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