Sunday, September 1, 2013

These bitter, tasteless cruel tabloids makes the celebrity life incredibly unappetizing (part 1)

Cover stories about the weight of a celebrity are a perpetual staple of every newsstand. How sad. I have a personal policy regarding reading anything negative in relation to another person's personal struggles with weight, especially when it's written in a nasty, cruel manner.The meanest of them all are the Best/Worst Bikini Bodies that come out every summer. They - literally - make me shudder. To have your absolute worst photo of yourself on the cover of a magazine - and of course, it's not airbrushed or Photoshopped, so it's going to look even worse than ever - must be gut-wrenchingly hard to deal with. <And I always wonder, do they photoshop the "best" photos to make them look ever better than they do in real life? Hmmm. It would sell more magazines if they did, right?!>

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Then we go into the individual cuts. Lot's of folks saying "I'm not fat!!" and defending their right to be human (tho I often assume the celebrity did NOT say anything in any of those articles and it's all fictionalized to continue the drama for the magazine.) They pick on certain celebrities who tend to gain weight easily. Considering the fact that I, also, tend to gain weight easily... so I can empathize with them.

And don't forget about all their STARS WITHOUT MAKEUP magazine covers.

I look pretty damn terrible without makeup. I'm sure the editors of these trash tabloids do too. But to splash it on the covers says that these celebrities have to be ON at all times. Going to the grocery store, at their kids soccer games, getting makeup early in the morning, at the gym, taking out the trash, sitting on a long flight or even going to a doctor's appointment. Yep. They need to look perfect.

I know they make the big bucks but come on! That must be exhausting.


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