Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Way to be a mean girl in asshole's clothing

Just within the past few weeks, women have been shoving long, sharp spikes in the backs of their fellow sisters in a widely-viewed public forums across the world. What am I talking about?

How about blogger Claire Crawford criticizing Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader Kelsey Williams's for a perceived (by Claire) as being pudgy around the middle. She says "some say" the cheerleader was bad-looking on court, or "some folks" have criticized her for being pudgy around the waistline, and that she wished "she had a litle more up on top" - which, I guess, means she's ALSO picking on the size of her breast. Then she slaps it with "We think she's beautiful" and "...if she's comfortable wearing that tiny outfit and dancing for NBA fans, then good for her. Besides... not every man likes women to be toothpick skinny."

 Ha! Reminds me of the older criticizing mother in law who says things like "That outfit would look much better on a skinner person, but you like to wear it, so good for you!" Ya... it's that kind of back-handed compliment/insult. I call it an insultliment. INSULT- LI - Ment. Oh yes... yes I do.  

 Now, "some folks" say that Clarie Crawford is really Anna-Megan Raney - the Digital Content Manager for CBS Sports Radio in Houston, Texas. Though she's denied this, more and more "folks" and sources are coming forward to back up the claim. And with that, they've been citicizing her age and her (they say, not me) fake boobs, and ever her skimpy way of dressing.And this photo is said to be both women. 

Anna-Megan had this to say about Claire "I don’t know Claire personally, but I’ve seen some of her previous posts. She’s definitely out there and incredibly provocative." ... so yeah..... given this answer, and being a person who has written under a pen name, this answer totally fits a person who created a character who's provocative and to get ratings. Just sayin'. 

So why hate, Claire/Anna-Megan? In a time where bullying is leading kids to suicide, you wan to put this out there? 

Why judge this healthy, athletic woman with a healthy, athletic body about her weight when she is obviously fitter and (again) HEALTHIER than many other women her age (or just women in general!) ??!! Why even put that out there?

Personally, this was all meant to shock and awe readers and create a newsworthy poll. It's easy to be the asshole behind the computer screen who puts out... what did Anna-Megan say... oh yes, "provocative" posts and polls.

I liked that Williams later tweeted, "To be womanly always, discouraged never."

Beauty and brains. I am now a fan.

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