Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh boy!

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. Caitlin and I were interviewed for the Logan Daily News about Caitlin's article and the ifeeldelicious community group. So that'll be fun. She'll be prepping for another Irish radio interview and a live panel discussion with the Huffington Post. And Eye Candy is to make front page of The Athens News. So it's going to be an incredibly exciting day!

We're adding more writers to our team, and growing our facebook site /ifeeldelicious with each day. Please be sure to LIKE it, and my photography page too terrijeanphotos.

And comment, like, and tell us your stories. We want to know how you feel about these issues. So please, comment on Facebook and here on the blog. Subscribe too.

We can grow this group and create a community... a movement. But we can ONLY do it with your help.

So join in. Empower each other. Empower yourself. And together we can ALL  feel delicious!

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