Friday, November 8, 2013

All right folks... I gotta'be honest:

I really don't see anything truly offensive about this photo.

But, within my little circle of gal pals, my opinion is of the minority. Apparently, Maria Kang has upset a lot of women who respond to her What's your excuse? question with a great big "Fuck you!" and "You don't know me!" 

And I get that... really, I do. Well, I kinda get it.

I guess I'm not taking her message personally. I don't think she's actually talking to me, rather she's making a point. And perhaps because I DO make a LOT of excuses as to why I am not rocking a 6-pack, or even a flat 1-pack for that matter, I don't feel offended by her attitude. I actually like being called out on my failure to make my health a priority. Truth be told, if I were to have a fitness coach, SHE is the person I would call because she'd be in my face, not putting up with my bullshit lies.. and making me do the very things I'm supposed to be doing (namely: putting down the PB&J and jump rope.)

I find her photo inspirational and motivational, though not quite as much as the folks in this here photo, ---->
cause seriously, THEY absolutely rock (especially the 82 year old. Whew! Way to make me want to hit the weights and show her up!). But still, I'd rather pat Maria on the back, over punching her in the face. But perhaps it's because I can put a few other things into perspective, for example:

1. This is Maria's job. She's a model and she's into health and fitness. Looking good is part of her brand, and her product - which is her. So of course she's going to put a lot of time and energy into it. I'm sure if my body (my entire body, not just the parts that write and photograph pretty things) were paying my bills, I'd work out all the time too!

2. I really think she meant to motivate - not frustrate - women.

3. I'm not personally invested because (for now) I'm not engaged in a battle with my body to lose all my excess weight. 9 years ago I was pretty sick. I had an illness that wrecked my body, and I was putting on weight just by smelling food. I worked out for several hours a day, followed the Atkins Induction diet to the letter for a good 6 months, and I was honestly doing everything I could to get the weight off. I was at war with myself - and my win was short lived. Perhaps if I was still in that fight, I'd be pissed off too.

4.I do not believe she's a fat shamer. I've seen them on-line and in person. They don't try to motivate, rather they just hate. By lumping her in with those who point, post cruel photos, laugh and bully people into meeting THEIR expectations, we're diluting the actual problem.

5. Even bad publicity is good publicity, so the more you mention her name or throw a hissy fit, the more she'll gain in popularity .... and since THIS is her job (see #1) all those who are mad at her are actually just rewarding her.

And just like Maria hasn't walked in my shoes, nor your shoes, we haven't walked in hers. We don't know her struggles, health problems, and lifestyle. We're judging her on one simple photo... yet we're demanding not to be judged back.

Crazy, huh?

Thanks for listening...

Terri Jean

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