Monday, November 25, 2013

Macho Men and an End To Feminism

Over the last few days I've had a lot of fun playing with the boys from this anti-girl, macho man virtual club (here's my article about their King) that has entertained me to no end. I've followed their forum, some private messages, their facebook antics and the comments to my above article. I love how they keep calling me a feminist, as though they are insulting me. You might as well be saying I'm pretty and cool, cause that's pretty much how I take being called a Feminist too.

So thank ya, fellas. Much obliged.

But it did cause me to become curious as to why all these misguided monkeys had against Feminism. I mean, it's definied as: 

1. a person who advocates equal rights for women
2. of, relating to, or advocating feminism

Sooo??? No? Are you too tell that all of those little "Macho men" DON'T want their mom's, sisters, friends, daughters, little cousins to have equal rights? They honestly and truly want women to be subservient to men, earn less, have less rights, speak with less of a voice, and be less of a human being than their male counter-parts?

I don't think so. Yes, I do think there are some that are women-haters. They're the fellas that have vagina-envy, wish they were breastfed and have mommy issues. (Yes, I'm calling you assholes out! You heard me!) I know there are real chauvinists out there - I've met my share of them, but I've also read through many of the locker-room forums where these "masculine men" hang out - virtually - and hold their support group meetings, discussing their feelings, moods, and sex tips. (It was pretty much what I expected: stupid and moronic.)

What they're bitching about isn't feminism... it's that women aren't perfect enough for them.

They're too skinny or too fat.
They're too old or too young.
They need a job or they need to stay home and wait on the men.
They need to be sexual or they're sluts.
They need to make more money or they shouldn't make as much money as they do.
They need to stop bitching or they need to tell the men what to do (they can't read minds, you know)
They need to be smarter or they need to dumb it down.
They need to be more available to men or they need to give men more space.
They need to stop being so mean to men or they need to accept more criticism.

That's pretty much how the conversations went ----  nothing made them happy. They bitched about everything. It was ironic, because how I saw them was pretty much how they portray every woman. And talk about whining! The "women are men to me" crap is so un-sexy.

Truth is, men really have no clue what they want from a woman and are just as confused and frustrated as all the women. But to call for an end to Feminism, which is calling an end to women's equality, is just plain stupid.

And guess what fellas? Asking females to take a back seat to men is the worst way to land a real woman. And most of you who are griping can be replaced with a good toy and a sperm bank. Keep it up and you'll see exactly where this gets you...

In a virtual locker room giving high-fives and hand-jobs to your friends.

Oh wait... that's where I found most of you.

Never mind.

Shaking my head,
Terri Jean

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  1. Absolutely love this post and completely agree. Most of them just won't look at themself in the mirror you know. And it's very sad, we humans can evolve and have evolved but it's like they are ruining all our efforts and are very proud of their bull****. To me most men are still cavemen.


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