Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sometimes you have to shine a light on the very things you want to go away

Though I posted this in my comment section of yesterdays Dethroning the King article, I think it needs reposting:

I've been asked why 1) write the article and 2) comment back to those leaving their opinions - because my article (and my comments) are just giving him more attention.

But I say first of all, I'm calling for a black out of HIS sites. He needs them to survive. It's what he does to make money. And he gets off on the traffic numbers, people commenting in outrage over his articles, women slamming him on various social media sites and so forth. He loves it. He and his minions are over there in their little forum group virtually high fiving each other - calling all the negative publicity a success because it pisses women off and brings attention to their site - so they can reel in men who will somehow buy into their philosophies and possibly their products. So if we simply do nothing that directly relates back to his numbers - then we can basically starve the king from media attention. He wants attention! That is what all of this is about. And he uses playground bullying tactics to attain it.

My point is, stop giving him the attention. Just don't do it. He's going to say some truly offensive things to try and piss us off, but just like a screaming little toddler who's throwing a temper tantrum in the corner, demanding attention from everyone in the room - we simply need to divert our eyes, ignore their screams and wait for it all to calm down. Or guess what? That behavior will continue because he is getting what he wants!

Lastly, the reason I am replying to their comments is because they are on MY playground. And Roosh isn't getting all the traffic, I AM. They're giving it to me. His followers have followed me over to my site. They may try to be all big and bad ass, but it won't work here. There is no virtual locker room full of punk-ass pricks to have their back and egg them on.

But they are getting all emotional over my making fun of THEIR leader. Who's the whiny bitches now?

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