Sunday, January 19, 2014

Celebrate the women of the rural farm today!

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Be sure to wear your favorite blue jeans today, because today is National Blue Jeans Day!
So where did this holiday come from? Well, the founders of Women In Blue Jeans organized this day to celebrate the women of rural America – those who prefer jeans and boots over designer clothing, corporate pantsuits,  and fancy stiletto's. 

When you slip on your favorite jeans, be sure to give thanks to the hard-working women who grow the food we eat, milk the dairy cows for our cheeses and milks, gather the eggs, shear the sheep for wool, and tend to the farm every day. They steer the tractors, unload the trucks, feed the animals, bail the hay, water the gardens, and running the farms. They may live outside of the hustle and bustle of a major city, but that doesn’t mean their life isn’t any less crazy, stressful and busy.

With more than 2 million families running farms in America, we owe a lot to the hard-working women who give us not just food and fiber, but also materials for everything from cosmetics and crayons, to ink and toothpaste! Accounting for 20% of the American workforce, agriculture and farms employ more than 20 million people and agriculture products are the country’s number 1 export.

So wear those blue jeans with pride, Ladies! Support our fellow sisters who put food on our plate and lipstick on our mouths!

Stay beautiful!

~ TJ

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