Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Chocolate Cake Day! An Interview with Natalie of Flour Power Bakery

Eye Candy Girl Natalie, courtesy of Terri Jean Photography

Eye Candy Girl Natalie, Courtesy of Terri Jean Photography
January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day, a day to celebrate your love for this rich, decadent dessert. In honor of this day, we're interviewing one of our own Eye Candy Girls, Betty Buttercream (aka: Natalie), the creator, owner and proprietor of Athens, Ohio's Flour Power Bakery.

Flour Power Bakery will be turning four years old in February, according to Natalie. "I couldn't find good desserts anywhere in town for parties and events so I did it myself! tells us. Offering everything from cupcakes to cream puffs to chocolate covered pretzels and more, Flour Power came about from a love of baking and a need for a good job in a flagging economy. "I really love what it has become and still enjoy baking," says Natalie.

Even though she bakes almost every day, Natalie still has time to devote to other pursuits, including modeling for Terri Jean Photography as one of our Eye Candy Girls. And just like all the flavors of women who read I Feel Delicious, Natalie is always on the lookout for new adventures in her baking life. "[I] am always on the lookout for new flavors or desserts to add."

Flour Power is a small, one woman operation but that doesn't mean they aren't going big places. "My biggest order so far has been 40 dozen cupcakes for the Dairy Barn's New Year's Eve party," says Natalie. She also attends the Athens Farmer's Market each and every Saturday, where you can find her under a pink tent. "The farmers market is stressful but so much fun that it's worth it!" Being "the cupcake lady" also allows her the chance to dress up in a fun and stylish way. "I could wear pearls and pink polka dots every day of my life."

Flour Power isn't just about cupcakes and sweets, though. Natalie is also an active volunteer for the community. Her heart is with the fuzzy things in life, as her own two dogs can attest to. "I love that [the] Flour Power Bakery allows me to give back to the community by providing desserts for
My Sister's Paws Sweet Tea Social and Friends of the Shelter Dogs fundraisers."

"I have met so many people and been a part of so many special events in their lives...weddings, birthdays, retirements, showers.....and it's only been 4 years!" says Natalie, and her pride is obvious and hard-won.

Natalie, Courtesy of Terri Jean Photography

Natalie adds:
"I love seeing photos of my desserts at weddings and parties and surprise deliveries are my favorite! Valentine's Day is my biggest single day, and also my favorite holiday. This year, I will have two days of Valentine's Day Orders!"

You can check out the Flour Power Bakery here on Facebook and place an order. I promise, they're worth it!

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