Thursday, January 16, 2014

If it was good enough for Christie, it's good enough for Katy! (aka: where did the boobies go?)

I'm in love with the new article  Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Stunners: Then and Now, showcasing a collection of iconic cover shots of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (which is now 50 years old!)

The article shows three of my all-time favorite models - women who graced the covers of magazines from my teens and 20's - and how they looked during their Sports Illustrated cover days, and how they look now. It goes without saying, they're all still timeless beauties and women I STILL look up to.

But there's something else about these amazing swimsuit photos - they were published prior to the age of PP (Photoshopped Perfection). It made me wonder: What would the photos look like if they were published today? What would be enhanced, smoothed over, or digitally removed? Would they delete inches off the arm? Would their busts look bigger? Their waists cut in deeper? Teeth and eyeballs whiter, or eyelashes digitally added in post-production?

I think we all know the answer - and it's yes. These women and their photos that are perfection on their own, would need more tweaking... to make these supermodels ever MORE super. And that's ridiculous.


The photos above are fabulous. So why can't we get back to this place? Why can't we have un-perfected photos of women who work so hard to be healthy and happy in their own skin?

Case in point, the brand new edition of Marie Claire with Katy Perry on the cover.

I am a HUGE fan of Katy Perry. Seriously... the girl is awesome! And I love her style, her look, her voice and her talent.

But I think this month's Marie Claire photos look just a little "off."
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Here, I have to ask, where did her boob go and why would anyone take it?? She's got a great rack. I'd like to see it, thank you very much.

In this shot, her arm looks straightened, as though all muscle definition has been mysteriously erased. And that's sad, because showing sexy arm muscles is exactly what young girls need to see. We all need to see healthy role models who have healthy bodies. And generally, there's muscles on them there types!

Plus, come on! The space under the armpits has been way overdone. Did she really need that? It looks odd. Really odd. 

                                               From the Jan issue of Marie Claire

Here we have both boobs and arms, yay! And the other photos shows amazing legs - yes, they are enhanced to show the muscle definition, but yay! I'd take photoshopped muscles on a woman over removing them any day!

My point is this: the Sports Illustrated pre-PP days show beautiful women with beautiful faces and beautiful bodies - all who aged gracefully and were naturally athletic, and forever healthy. What is so wrong with showing Katy Perry who is also beautiful and healthy? Do we really need to take what is naturally perfect and turn her into someone who is unrealistically perfect?

Isn't THIS woman, who ROARS for female empowerment, absolutely amazing just the way she is?? And shouldn't young girls see and know this?


So Marie Claire and everyone else who turns these wonderful, healthy, talented role models into plastic versions of themselves, please... please... knock it the hell off.

And for gwads sake,  leave the boobies alone.

As always, my lovely ladies, stay beautiful.

~ Terri Jean

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