Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let's Talk Intimate Shaving...

By Caitlin Seida

Okay ladies, let's talk about shaving your bikini line...and then some. Some of us do it, some of us don't. Some of us like our bush a little more natural. Some of us like it neatly trimmed. Some of us go full on bare, while some of us like to shave little designs into it. It's all okay - really. But as someone who shaves, I'd like to share some tips with you to make the process go a little easier.
  1. Warm It Up - Save your shave for the end of the shower. The warm water will open up the pores in your skin and allow you to get the closest shave possible. The heat and moisture will also soften up the hairs a little, making it easier for your razor to get them. 
  2. Lube it Up - Forgive the horrible choice of words, but your razor (no matter what razor you use) is going to get a closer shave if you use a little something to help it glide over the skin. You can use shaving cream OR opt to go frugal and use a bit of hair conditioner instead. Be careful if you're going fully bare - scented products full of chemicals can cause a pH imbalance that can lead to a vaginal infection (yeast or bacterial). So pick unscented, natural products to take care of your "lady garden." 
  3. Keep it Sharp - These are not usually words you want to hear with regards to your bikini line or vulva, but a sharp razor matters. Especially if you haven't shaved before or have let your bush grow natural. Start with a fresh razor blade and switch it up if you've got a lot of thick, coarse hair in the region. 
  4. Cheat. - If you've let things grow wild, cheat on your razor. Grab a pair of scissors and neaten things up a bit first. The shorter hairs are less likely to clog your razor's blades. If you're not sensitive to them, you can also use a chemical hair remover like Nair first, to remove the bulk of the hair, and then use your razor to fine-tune your landscaping. 
  5. Choose the right razor - Not all razors are created equal. A five-blade, flexible head razor with a moisture strip is not going to shave the same as a $0.99 cent disposable razor with one blade made of cheap plastic. It just isn't. Treat your genitalia right when you're shaving. A quality razor will prevent ingrown hairs, bumps, stubble and razor burn. 

That said, I want to take a minute to tell you about my newest razor love: The Gillette 
Venus Embrace Sensitive. I received a promo version of this razor for review courtesy of Influenster. And let me tell you - that thing is a miracle. No bumps, it got close to the skin and just felt like it was gliding over. The five blades didn't clog and even though the razor is made of lightweight plastic, it has a rubber grip that made me feel secure in the knowledge that I wouldn't slip and cut my sensitive bits and pieces.

The flexible head got into all the tricky spots that make shaving your vulva a chore, and it didn't falter once. My biggest problems were the packaging (there was too much! I hate unnecessary waste), and the fact that when you open the razor cartridges there's a slight medicinal smell. You can chalk the latter up to the aloe and moisturizer in the razor head, but it didn't smell like aloe. Just antiseptic. Despite these two flaws? It got the job done and did it stunningly.

Here's a video review, with a bonus at the end. Instead of shaving my pretty much already hairless legs, I got my husband to let me shave HIS super-hairy guy legs. Go ahead, have a giggle at his expense. Apologies for the talking boob show. This is why you should ALWAYS double check where your camera is pointed when making a video.:

If you're interested in following along as this product gets released, follow @GilletteVenus on Twitter with the Hashtag "#ItsNotMe" - Because it wasn't me. It was the razor. Extra special thanks to Influenster (follow them too at @Influenster) for letting us try out this stellar product. You guys rock!

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