Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Standing up for others means you sometimes have to stand down

I rarely do this, though I should do it far more often -
but I'm going to respond to a response that pertains to a magazine article.

Okay... here goes:

Elle Magazine just released their "Women in Television" issue, with four different covers featuring Amy Poehler, Allison Williams, Zooey Deschanel and the marvelous --

MINDY KALING! (whom we all know and love!)

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Looking at all four covers I, of course, see there is a huge difference between the photos. Mindy's photo is up-close and in black-and-white, and the other three are showing all but a quarter of their bodies and in color.

Yes, I can see why this is upsetting... and why this may be stirring controversy, with some claiming fat-shaming and/or racism.

I was all ready to get my panties in a twist until I read Mindy's tweets:

Hmmm.... She's okay with it. Cool! That's enough for me.

But wait ---> The controversy continues.  Here's what The Gloss.com  had to say:

"Part of what makes this whole story so upsetting is that Kaling can’t really say anything and continue to land covers in major magazines."

Am I reading that right? Are they saying she's weak? That she's bowing to the magazine masses so her face will again grace another magazine cover? Are they saying Mindy is bold-face lying, and that she couldn't possibly like her photo? Because if you believe this to be true, I really don't think you understand Mindy Kaling. I mean - look at this woman! She's blunt, fresh, opinionated and beautiful! I can't imagine her missing an opportunity to speak her mind and cause a little controversy.

Why is it the people who have rushed to her "defense" and taken up this so-called racist cause, can't believe that there is no racist or fat-shaming cause to be had, and the photo really did make her feel glamorous and cool? I'm confused, especially since these up-close Elle covers are nothing new..

in this country...

or in others.

And here's two black and white, up-close Elle covers I found - and there's way more...

So what's the problem?

Why can't we believe Mindy, and appreciate and congratulate her for the cover? Why do we ALSO have to call her a liar who's bowing down to the media masters?

In this case, it seems to me if Mindy Kaling is cool with her cover, then we should be too. If SHE doesn't think it's shaming her body, or her race, then why can't her "supporters" take her word for it and move on?

For media sites such as The Gloss to say they're pissed off because Mindy didn't respond to the public criticism the way they wanted her to, it does more of a disservice to women than the original magazine cover. THEY have decided Mindy's cover is about her race and her weight - not Mindy. And by Mindy disagreeing with them, they've added that she's also too weak to defend herself.  And this empowers women how?

Think about it, ladies. Supporting our fellow sisters requires us to support our fellow sisters - and taking them at their word. It's great to stand up for someone, but if they don't see an issue, then why should you?

Mindy, if you happen to see this - I thought you rocked that Elle cover! Congrats, girl!  As always, stay beautiful and love each other.


Terri Jean
IFD Publisher

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