Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Roundup: This Week In the Blog-o-Sphere

By Caitlin Seida 

Did you miss what was going on this week in the world of the blog? Here's a roundup of some of our favorite stories from the past week. Topics range from delicious things to eat, reasons you should pick out a new frock at a consignment shop and the awesomeness that is Alyssa Milano. Give these stories a glance and enjoy!

Health, Fitness and Food

The Texas A&M University Extension Office brings us a little motivation in keeping our New Year's Resolutions with Walk Across Texas - 7 Reasons to Love Exercise.

Maria and Josh over at Two Peas and Their Pod bring us 31 Healthy Recipes to Start 2014 Right. The cranberry orange roasted Brussels sprouts make me want to get creative in the kitchen.

If you're sick of being healthy, head over to Purl Bee and make use of their glittering torrone recipe.  I can just taste the sticky sweet honey now.

Jen at EPBOT gives us some much needed counsel in her post "5 Ways to Help Your Loved One Through a Panic Attack." 

Fashion, Beauty and Self Image

Zachary Valenti shows us that body image issues don't just affect women - he bravely shares his story of coming to terms with his body over at in "Man Boobs and My Decade of Shame"

Sally at Already Pretty brings us a rundown of consignment shopping vs. thrift shopping. If you've ever wondered which is a better bet for which clothing items, this post is a must read.

Ms. Misantropia brings us some fun fashion trends for spring 2014. I'm enjoying the embroidery

The Lancashire Evening Post brings us a story of 12 real military wives of all shapes and sizes channeling their inner pinup vamps for a spicy calendar to benefit a chairty supporting current and former military personnel and their families.

The Cyberbullying Research Center lets us know what we, collectively, have learned about cyberbullying in 2013.


Versha Sharma and Hanna Sender point out what we already know over at Vocativ - Hollywood Movies with Strong Female Leads Make More Money!

Rebecca Fernandez and The Women Take Over offer a look inside the brain of the media powerhouse Jezebel in an interview with founder Anna Holmes.

Liz over at Hello Ladies offers up a list of inspiring moments for women that happened in 2013.

Things That'll Make You Smile

Mashable brings us the story of a really neat dad who packs AWESOME notes with his kids' lunches. You can follow his adventures over at And I'm the Dad. 

Liz Acosta of Dogster brings us to tears with the story of Grammy Faith, a puppy mill dog who was kept in a rabbit cage for 12 years and is finally free.

And here's the story of a rockin' grandma who hand knits character from The Hobbit in intricate detail. If your New Year's Resolution was to be more crafty, here's your kick in the ass.

And if you need a smile, Alyssa Milano holds her own against radio host and "comedian" Jay Mohr after he calls her fat. Keep it classy, Alyssa and show 'em how it's done!
Update: Jay Mohr has apologized and with humor, grace and aplomb, Alyssa accepts. Read her response at the LA Times for a chuckle!

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