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Weekly Link Roundup - January 12, 2014

By Caitlin Seida

This week we take on nudity - and why it's okay if an actress is okay with it - violence against women in Africa and the middle east, why Katie Couric really should do more research, women in the tech industry, comic book characters and their race and gender identity and more. Paula Deen can rejoice - butter is in, and it's okay! Also, a tear-jerking video of two elephants reunited after 20 years and a rage-inducing rant from the star of "Call the Midwife." This week has been a busy one in the blog-o-sphere, and we're here to catch you up. 

Entertainment and Tech

Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow talk about why Dunham's character on the TV Show Girls is always naked - responding to a rather poorly worded question from a reporter. Refinery29 has the scoop. 

Love it or hate it, Amanda Hess's piece "Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet" has been setting the 'net ablaze this week. Agree or disagree with her stance, she provides a totally new look at online harassment. 

Is anyone really surprised that women have more social media presence than men? This report over at The National Association of Realtors confirms what anyone who has ever used Pinterest already knows: Social media is dominated by women. 

Poornima Vijayashanker over at CNN Money explains why the lack of women tech founders is about more than just a lack of knowledge. Read her piece "Stop Telling Women They Just Know How to Code." 

Afghani women are turning to the Internet to hide from threats and violence. Read Gopal Bantam's hard-hitting piece over at Bloomberg Politics.  The 'net is a global community, and we need to recognize that. 

Laverne Cox, the media's favorite transwoman as of late, tells Katie Couric to shove it - with dignity and grace - with regards to invasive and insensitive questions about trans people. Read the whole scoop on I think I'm in love. Laverne, will you be my BFF? 

Health, Sports and Wellness

Caitlin Constantine tackles the women and pull ups issue that the US Military brought up this week. It's about more than just biology. Read her take over at the Huffington Post. She brings up some pretty valid points. 

SB Nation reports on an annual Alaskan tradition. Every year the Talkeenta Bachelor Society auctions off - well, themselves - to raise money for women and children in crisis. Read the coverage of the "Wilderness Woman Competition" here for an odd look at the (only slightly ironic and kind of fun) competition. 

UFC's Matt Brown has proven himself kind of a dick by insisting that women MMA fighters should keep on fighting - only if they're topless. Read all about this guy putting his foot in his mouth over at MMA Mania.  Anyone want my ten foot pole? Because I'm not touching this one. 

We all know there's an income gap between men and women but the gap is closed in at least one area. The world's top ranked tennis players pull in the same income as men. Read more over at The Herald Sun. 

Butter consumption is at a 40 year high, and that might not be a bad thing, health-wise. This piece over at Women's Health explains why.  I can't believe it's not....oh you know. 

Imani Grandi at RH Reality Check isn't just mad - she's pissed and she explains why in her article "Feticide Laws Advance 'Personhood', Punish Pregnant Women."  Totally worth a read for anyone concerned about women's reproductive rights.

Women's perspectives of healthy genetalia and what's "normal" (not that there's any such thing) "may be" influenced by exposure to modified images. Read more in a report over at Science Daily.  And if you need a reality check, go look at the variation of women's genetalia over at the Large Labia Project (obviously Not Safe for Work.)

Culture And Media

Willa Paskin takes on the "likeable woman" archetype in Slate's piece "What's so Bad About Likable Women?"  Read for the importance of unlikable women characters. 

Smithsonian Mag released a piece on the women who mapped the universe - and got absolutely NO credit for it. Read here.  Astronomy never felt so powerful.

Over at, Shihka Dalmia reports on the rise in female gun ownership in India. 

Call the Press! Call the Midwife Star Judy Parfitt paints herself as kind of a twat, calling women who opt for plastic surgery "pathetic."  I'm not sure I'll be watching anymore - what I do with my body (natural, artificial, cosmetic or medically necessary) is my own damn business and I don't take kindly to anyone judging me for it.

The Foreign Policy Blog offers up an interesting chart, comparing what researchers found was "appropriate apparel" for women Muslims. The verdict? Cover your hair, not your face.  The chart - and article - are worth viewing. It's interesting to see this cultural preference and how it varies from place to place, and also how it falls in line with conservative Christian and Jewish mandates for women to cover their hair. 

Listen to "Never Again" with Betty Makoni - this week she takes on the African Genocide of women on Nehanda Radio. $10 can buy a bus ticket out to  save the life of someone looking to escape the violence. So why are we wasting funds on campaigns that just aren't working? 

Fatherless children? It's all women's faults, according to Wall Street Journal writer James Taranto. Read his ridiculous piece here, along with the snarky commentary that makes me fall in love with op-ed writer Amanda Marcotte.  Forget working outside the home and the Pill - we're here to birth babies and stay shackled to the stove! Maybe then our boys would grow into strong, worthwhile men. Ahem.

Buzzfeed can be snarky, critical and downright trashy, but writer Tabir Ahkter hits the nail on the head in "13 Reasons Why Not Fitting In As a Kid Makes You An Awesome Adult." Where my weirdos at?

NPR's thought provoking piece on artist Orion Martin asks the question "Who Gets to Be a Superhero?" Examining race and gender identity in comics, this piece is a must click for all comic book fans.

Fashion and Image

Speaking of boots to die for, Sally over at Already Pretty gives us plenty of eyecandy in her Ode to Clarks Shoes. 

This week's Reader Refash over at Jilly's Refashionista blog comes from Trish, She turns two thrift store coats into a stylish trench for a fraction of the cost. With a bit of steampunk edge to it, this coat NEEDS to be seen by the public!

J's Everyday Fashion Blog calls out to those of us who can't walk two feet in heels by featuring wedges. I love wedges. And so does J's. 

Just for Smiles

Parents, this one is for you. reports on an exhausted new mom's take on "expert" sleep advice. Anyone who's ever had to share their life with a tiny human will be snorting with laughter.'s Lauren Zimmer reports on how her dog used his "cone of shame" as a tool during recovery after surgery. Hilarious!

Not a dog person? Catster's Lauren Bailey gives us a chuckle with her list "5 Ways My Cats Completely Own Me."

David Letterman Smooches Amy Poehler - and her reaction is awesome. Check out the video over at

Over on, there's an adorable video of two elephants being reunited after 20 years.  Shades of "Christian the Lion" but without the carnivorous aspect.

Mental Floss features 13 words of the year from other countries. It almost makes me want to nagelprotest the US's declaration of "Selfie" as the word of 2013. 


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