Sunday, February 9, 2014

Link Roundup - Sunday, February 9th

"Angry Rosie" by Basistka on
The Harry Potter World gets shaken, a five year old gets death threats, a special man pays off elementary school students' lunch debts, cute Shiba Inu dogs, fat ballerinas and personal care and personal health round out our links for the week. Check it all out - there's a lot happening in the blog-o-sphere this week!

Everyone's favorite wordsmith of the wizarding world has admitted that she should not have put Ron and Hermione together in the Harry Potter 'verse. Wait, what? I'm not sure how I feel about the admission that Harry and Hermione should have been together. Opposites attract and Ron and Hermione seem like a good pair based on that. Read more of Andrew Sims' article on Hypeable. 

We covered Selfies this past week, and we're big fans of shaming those who are assholes online. Yahoo reports on artist Lindsay Bottos, who took screenshots of abusive comments left on her selfies and put them to good use (Way to go Lindsay!) in an art project entitled Anonymous, seen here on her website. Be forewarned, the stupidity of people exhibited in the project is overwhelming. Lindsay, if you see this, we'd love to have an interview. You belong on our wall of fame!

Kelly Glover over at Big Curvy Love reports on a new UK reality TV Series, Big Ballet, which takes larger women and turns them into ballet dancers. While I like the idea in theory, the reality has the capacity to be harsh and cruel. We'll see how it goes. View the article and trailer here at Big Curvy Love's blog. 

One of our favorite bloggers, Sally over at Already Pretty, reminds us of the link between personal style and self care. As someone who suffers from depression, I can attest that when I'm at my worst, my personal care and styling goes out the window in favor of yoga pants and baggy T-shirts (nothing wrong with that, but coupled with not showering? Yikes!). When I need a pick me up, something as simple as an at-home facial or doing my nails can do wonders to pull me out of my own darkness just a little. Check out Sally's post here at the Already Pretty Blog. 

Elys over at Avonex and 8 Wheels shares a personal plea for courage in her post Skating the Yellow Brick Road. Read it here, it's powerful and moving.

Dr. Louise over at HealthySmartsMD shares her thoughts on a study linking added sugar to death from cardiovascular disease. This is of particular note for us PCOS cysters, as carb craving is a BIG deal. Check out Dr. Louise's post here at the HealthySmartsMD blog. 

Lisa Mercer over at Top Ten Social Media shares 10 sites you should check out for health information. See the full list here.  She covers men's health, women's, teen's, children's and resources in case you're having trouble affording your meds. Thanks, Lisa!

Molly over at Kihaku Shibas writes a wonderful piece on Shiba Inu dog breeds in "It's Not a Question of If a Shiba is Right For You, It's a Question of If You're Right for A Shiba".  Read more about this beautiful dog breed - and their needs - at her blog.

The Today Show reports on Kenny Thompson, a "Lunch Angel" from Texas who paid of over $400 worth of delinquent student lunch accounts of local elementary school students. Read more here.  Be prepared to cry.

And if that restored your faith in humanity, be prepared to lose it again. The Daily Dot reports on Disney Star Mia Talercio. Talercio's show, "Good Luck Charlie" recently introduced a same-sex couple, prompting some ignorant jackasses to issue death threats to the star - a five year old girl. Get real, people. Read more here. 

Get your heart warmed up again. James Nichols over at the Huffington Post reports on a high school bully learning a lesson. When the former bully learned his gay former classmate was marrying the love of his life because a the marriage proposal went violent, this bully-turned-ally APOLOGIZED. Read more here. 

Rounding out our links is this awesome video of an older (in body but not in spirit!) couple dancing the shag. Charlie and Jackie have been dancing together for 30 years and they have the most amazing chemistry. View the awesome video and their slammin' steps here. 

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