Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lipstick and Letters: "crown you for your oddity"

Dear Jeanette,

All the taunts and bullying feel like no one will ever accept you, and all you want to do is "fit in" well don't try so hard to be liked, the boys will pretend till they get what they want, and then drop you like a bad habit, the girls will do the same, each taking a slice of your self esteem with them, don't give it away so easy, some day your little quirks will change the lives of many, and you will find a positive way of being yourself, and they will chant your name, and crown you for your oddity and love you just for being you, and don't wait 30 years to tell others how you feel, it leaves almost no time to fix things, and don't believe everything the doctors tell you, the body is a mystery and can do amazing things, you will be a mommy some day and although the losses of children before will never be healed, the look on your child's face when she makes into this world, will make you believe again...just always remember you are perfectly you, and that is an AWESOME thing to be!


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