Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lipstick and Letters: "She’s mean and hateful and absolutely perfection."

Dear Mary Mary who’s quite contrary –
You want to hit her, don’t you? You diary is full of ways you would
torture her if you could. But don’t. Do NOT do it. She is not worth all your anger. Don’t go into school tomorrow and punch her in the face.
Take the day off to calm down if you have to, because once you do that, you will set a chain of events in place that will eventually lead you to jail.
90 days in jail. Yes, she started it. She has been bullying you
since the 5th grade. She’s mean and hateful and absolutely perfection.
And she’s a bitch. You are better than her. So don’t hit her.
Don’t take the bait when she walks into the room tomorrow
singing “Mary Mary, she’s quite contrary, and everybody knows…
” because it’s just words. It’s just a stupid silly song.
Don’t run down the aisle and beat her senseless. It is YOU who will suffer. She will be the victim of your attack.
She will win! Don’t let her win! A year later, she will
come after you. She’s been plotting it. She literally wants you dead.
She will strike and miss.
You will hit back – making contact.
She will be the victim again and you will go to jail.
And it will take you years to get past that.
So please, please PLEASE don’t hit her tomorrow!
Don’t let her get to you! Smirk, smile, or pout.
I don’t care. Just do NOT react.
She is not worth it. Kid, you have to believe me on this!
~ Mary, age 19 ~

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