Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lipstick and Letters: "You’re gonna binge and tweak and crash and freak."

Well Girl, I’m going to lay it on the line:

The summer of your 14th birthday you are going to be offered meth, and oh man, it’s a game changer for sure. You’re gonna snort from a friends pinky nail and within an hour you will feel amazing. You switched it up after that and you never looked at light bulbs the same way. That’s when you started having sex. And sex. And sex. With a lot of men. Women too. Then you’ll hang out on couches with springs popping into your back, with people who’ll look like sewer rats, and you’ll by lying to mama about where you’ve been and who you been with.  Girl, you’re gonna lose yourself. You’re gonna forget who you are. Damnit girl. You’re gonna binge and tweak and crash and freak. It’s gonna be hideous and by the time you’re 16 your skin will be f*cked up man and your hair will fall out in the front and your teeth are whack. At 16 you’ll look like an old lady. Older than mama. 

I got clean. It took a long freaking time, but I got clean. I am in school now. Went back and graduated. Doing the night school community college thing online but girl it’s something. It’s been 7 years since you first tried that crap. 7 long years. My skin is scarred but my soul is free of the devil that is meth.

So girl, when that boy offers you that crap, and your “BFF” tells you how great it is, what a rush it is, how high it is, don’t fall for the bullsh*t! Don’t girl! Say no. Walk away. Run as fast as you can but go. Go! GO!

Don’t make the same mistake as me. You have too much ahead of you. Don't let this slow your ass down.

Former Meth Head in Ohio, age 21

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