Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Lipstick and Letters "You are sick. I am sick. We are sick."

Mamie -

In the simplest of words, all I can say is:



When you suspected there might be a problem.

When you found out Julio had a problem.

When you were too scared to learn the truth.

DO NOT wait.
DO NOT be afraid.
DO NOT assume you are okay because you feel okay

You are sick.
I am sick.
We are sick.

But we may not be AS sick if we hadn't waited 8 years to see an answer.

Mamie, this is the only thing, the one thing, the only regret in my/our life. But it IS our life, or what is left of it. So come on honey, go in and take that test. Get help. Take care of yourself.


Be fearless, M (age 37)

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  1. Oh my God. Wow. This is powerful! Thank you for sharing.


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